These are the frequently asked questions at Top Five Best Essay Services Review.
1. Which is the best essay writing company
This is quite a tricky question. We can only make a decision based on the parameters
  • Customer service
  • Quality of work
  • The writers
  • Method of assigning the writer the your work
  • Timeliness
  • Plagialism
  • The system
  • After sales service
  • Honest moneyback guarantee
According the recent research that we’ve done based on the above points the top five companies were as follows respectively
  1. EssayCyber.com
  2. CustomEssayWritings.com
  3. Essayjedi.com
  4. Edusson.com
  5. Bestessays.com
2. How do i tell a company is genuine
  • We will start by telling you that cheap is expensive
  • Check if the company uses a genuine certificate i.e. The url should have a lock sign and if you copy it and paste it on textpad or msword, it should start with https://
  • Copy the url and post it on scam adviser website to get results
  • Start by posting a small job and see the results
  • Does the site look cheap and hurriedly done?
  • Does the user account have all the necessary facilities and functionalities?
3. How can i be guaranteed that my work will be done to perfection
  • Selecting a reliable company to handle your work
  • Method of assigning the writer your job – Company assigning the writer instead of you is the best method
  • Asking that your work be uploaded progressively to access the progress
  • Active customer service personnel
4. How can i know that i’m working with the best writer
There are two ways of assigning  a writer your job: 
    • Writers bidding and you assigning one of them randomly
    • Writers bidding and the company assigning to whom they consider the best
Different people will argue differently but majority who have used the two different systems will tell you that tell you that the second method is the best.
This is because the company knows their best writers in the different fields and they will assign you the best and they are sure that the possiblity of poor work is very slim. As for the first method you cannot tell the best writer as everyone will prevent a CV that you cannot verify and at times the results are usually horrible.
We hope you make an informed decision. All the best in your work