Expository Essay


An expository essay requires the writer to provide a clear and appropriate thesis statement. It is always important to note that thesis statement ought to align with the instructions of the assignment.
It also requires a writer to carry out research, evaluate evidence and make the necessary arguments in a clear and concise manner.

Effective Transitions between paragraphs

The other important issue to consider is providing clear and logical transitions between paragraphs. This means that all paragraphs at introduction, body and conclusion must hold together in order to create a strong foundation of the essay. Transitions always help the ready to follow the argument laid in the essay.

Evidential support

You are obliged to ensure that the argument laid in your essay has factual, statistical or even anecdotal evidence. The fact that most of the students are given a short time to complete their expository essays, they are not always in a position to provide enough evidential support.


Writing a high quality essay requires a lot of creativity. Creativity in essay writing means that you must leave a lasting impression on the reader.


Most of the students struggle to create an effective conclusion paragraph. The common mistake that many students make is restating thesis statement. However, they are supposed to readdress thesis statement and make sure it aligns with the information provided in the essay. Another common mistake that many students make is providing new information in the conclusion paragraph. However, students are supposed to synthesize and just conclude on the rest of the information provided earlier in the paper.