Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essay is a genre of writing that requires the student to investigate a topic; collect, generate, and evaluate evidence; and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner
Argumentative Essay Topics
The following are some of the main broad areas of argumentative essay topics:
Argumentative essays on Education
    • How should American school system be reformed?
    • Should we have a national exam?
    • How do American students compare with students from other countries?
    • Should college athletes be paid?
Argumentative essay about social issues
    • Should reality T.V shows have regulations?
    • What causes an increase in child obesity?
    • What promotes human trafficking?
    • Should the minimum wage in America be increased?
    • Should there be a regulation of media coverage?
Argumentative essays on technology?
    • Introduction of computers brought more harm than good
    • How is social media changing family relationships?
    • Social media is affecting academic performance of many students
    • Technology is changing the definition of being human
    • Text books should be replaced by the use of iPads and various other online resources
The above highlighted topics are just examples of argumentative essays.
Argumentative Essay Structure
In order to receive high marks, an argumentative essay ought to have the recommendable structure. The most common method is a five paragraph essay. However, it should be noted that a five paragraph essay is not the only formula that can be used to write an argumentative essay.
Five-Paragraph Argumentative essay structure
The introduction of an argumentative essay ought to present a clear and concise review of the topic under discussion. The writer is expected to convince the reader the importance of the topic or issue being discussed. The other essential element to consider in the first paragraph is thesis statement. The writer should present a clear and understandable thesis statement. Thesis statement notifies the reader at an earlier stage the writer’s side in the argument.
In most cases, it is recommendable that short argumentative essays ought to have five paragraphs. That is the introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph. The three body paragraphs carry the heavy weight of the essay. This means that the body paragraphs should be very detailed in such a way that they explain the argument of the writer in a very clear manner. Each of three paragraphs in the body part should discuss one general idea in a detailed manner. Each of the paragraphs should start with a topic sentence that needs to be supported by all other sentences in the specific paragraph. Moreover, each of the paragraphs should connect to thesis statement where they need to provide concrete supportive statements. However, the third paragraph in the body ought to consider offering different points in relation to the issue being discussed. All the opinions presented in the three body paragraphs should be well-connected with the thesis statement. It is always important to consider providing all the necessary and appropriate evidential support when writing an argumentative essay. All the paragraphs in an argumentative essay should connect to one another through the use of effective transitions.
The writer is always advised not to introduce any new information or evidence at the conclusion paragraph. First, the conclusion should readdress the thesis statement in light of the evidence provided. Unfortunately, many students fail to provide an effective and sound conclusion simply because they restate thesis statement rather than readdressing it accordingly. Conclusion paragraph entails synthesizing all the information provided in the essay. Some of the information that the writer ought to consider including in the conclusion paragraph is reminding the reader the importance of the essay, review of the main points and reviewing thesis accordingly.